IP Guide – Your Interpals Profile


Your Interpals profile is the embodiment of that old saying “You get out of it what you put into it”.

Far too many profiles on Interpals consist only of a picture, a user name and “Friendship” selected as one of the “Looking for” items With so little information, how can someone decide if they have enough in common with you to initiate contact?

Let’s go though the user profile one item at a time:

Username – Other than being unique, it is not really important what it is.

SCAMMER ALERT:  Do not enter anything that can be used to uniquely identify you. Example:  Your email address, your first and last name, your cell phone number, etc.. Using any of these, or other things like it is a TERRIBLE idea.


Name – Simply put your first name here. Period.


Birthdate – This information is required. This is simple enough. Interpals does not display this birthdate to others, except for those to whom you have extended or accepted a “Friend” request.  Presumably you trust someone pretty well by the time this takes place.


Sex – This information is required. You might think that this is a very simple bit of information to enter; after all, there are only two possibilities. Still, it is astounding to see the number of male users who appears as female on Interpals. Always double-check this field before saving your information.


Current City – This information is required. You may or may not want to use your actual current city here. I definitely recommend putting a city with the country you’re currently living in, but it need not be your current city. It all comes down to how comfortable you having strangers know the city in which you live.