ADD and Me – Part 1

Back in the seventies, John Denver sang “Rocky Mountain High”, which contained the lyrics: “He was born in the summer of his twenty-seventh year, coming home to a place he’d never been before”.

I’ve always understood what those words meant, but from a distance; they weren’t personal, until yesterday. At the behest of my wife, I went to see my family physician to see if I suffer from ADD. I took a brief quiz prior to visiting the doctor’s office. I sure seemed to have most of the symptoms: frequently losing things (wallet, keys, etc), disorganized, starting projects and not finishing them, etc.
After a semi-lengthy discussion with the doctor and a review of the quiz results, he agreed that I do indeed suffer from a mild case of adult ADD. He prescribed a medication and talked with me about it. He said that unlike heart or blood pressure medication which must be taken daily, I could decide when I needed to take the medication, though never in excess of the prescribed dosage. For example, if I don’t need to focus that much on the weekends, no need to take a pill that day.
At any rate, I filled my prescription and took my first pill. Within twenty minutes, life as I knew it changed. And so like the object of the song “Rocky Mountain High”, I’ve been born in the summer of my forty seventh year. Better late than never, I always say.
Tomorrow, I will post some details about how life is different. It is amazing the difference a day (and a pill) can make.
Loving life even more than before,