Happy New Year 2011!

It’s back to work today. First work day of the New Year. I fought vicious “tug-of-war” battle this morning… to get out of bed or to stay in bed. Of course, I lost.

Whatever lingering remnant of holiday/vacation bliss I had was shaken loose upon arriving at work. The typical voice messages, emails, pleas, demands, problems that make up the days of my life were there waiting, as if I had never left.
I’ve always wondered, from time to time… about the significance of how I spend my life and as I get older, I seem to dwell on this question more and more. I don’t have a definitive answer of what I should be doing, only nagging questions about what I am doing.
To make matters worse, I saw one of those year-end recaps on TV where they show all of the celebrities or otherwise notable people that passed away in 2010. Every year the list seems to contain more and more people representing a larger and larger slice of my own life. And naturally, you know where that internal conversation leads…how much time do I have left? What am I doing with it?
One of the things I am trying to do more of from here on out is writing on a more frequent basis. Frankly, that’s the reason I am writing this now. I need to write, write, write, every day… something… without fail. Very often, I am sure, it will not be good. That’s OK, but I must do it. Who knows, someday something good may come out.
That’s all for now… Happy 2011 and may you feel good about how you’re spending your days.