So Little Time

I can remember summer days as a child. Some of my friends might have been off visiting relatives, others stuck in their houses doing chores, but whatever the case, I would on occasion find myself alone, sitting on my porch with nothing to do.

I was cursed with the most dreaded fate that can ever befall a child: being bored. Two doors down there stood a giant cottonwood tree. In addition to performing its annual ritual of blanketing the neighborhood in puffs of floating fuzzballs, its produced a sound that still I cherish today – the sounds of summer winds roaring through its leaves. On these days, I’d sit on the porch and listen to the old cottonwood, the sound of leaves rising and falling and rising again, and I wished that there were something to do.

Today, boredom is nothing more than a pipe dream I don’t think I’ll ever again achieve. Family and career alone are enough to squeeze every last moment out of an already overbooked life.
I like to keep the image of Forrest Gump in my mind, sitting on a bench at a bus stop. People and buses come and go, but Forrest just sits there on a beautiful sunny day watching the world go by, talking to strangers until their particular bus arrives. Wow… I think I actually just relaxed a bit while typing that sentence. Just the thought of sitting on a bench and watching the world go by has a certain calming effect to it.
Well, it’s Saturday. I only slept for about six hours tops last night. Today will be a full day of Toastmasters, lunch with friends, off to do some tax work at the office, back tonight to do more tax returns at home, and if I am lucky, some practice on my guitar for the three new songs I must learn by Easter for the choir.
By tonight the house will be empty as my wife and daughters are off to a dance competition. Maybe, just maybe , while they are gone and the house is silent, I can set aside my tax work and shut off the never ending spigot of thoughts in my mind and pretend to be bored… oh to be bored! What a gift!