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Another One Bites the Dust

Professional athletes and those who manage them are interesting specimens. The NFL, like most professional sports leagues, represents the best of the best. Most people who make it to this level brim with self-confidence. Those who excel at this level exude a self-confidence so great that they feel they can succeed at virtually any goal they choose within their profession.

As someone who has grown up and lived in southeast Michigan my entire life, I've had a front row seat to the black hole that is the Detroit Lions.  This isn't a "dry spell". This isn't an incompetent management team. This is a sixty year tradition of failure and incompetence. Presidents, generations and eras have whizzed by like white lines on the highway, and through it all, the baton of ineptitude has been handed down from one regime to the next. True, the Lions did reach the NFC championship game in 1991, but I liken it to a football version of the Robin Williams movie Awakenings, where the L…

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